The Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA is more than two decades old.  A lot has improved, but not everything.  Know of a business that needs access improvements?  Contact David Wittie or Nicky Boyte 442-0252. Do you have curb cut or other community accessibility issues? Contact Jennifer McPhail 442-0252.  AND come to the Tuesday Access Club (Tuesdays at 12:30 at the ADAPT office) to get involved.

We won Best Champions for Equal Access 2012!

Access to mainline Capital Metro buses and bus stops is another issue Austin ADAPT is working on, Contact David Wittie 442-0252.  Austin Cab,Yellow Cab and Lone Star Cabs provide wheelchair accessible taxi service in Austin.  Having problems getting rides on those accessible taxi cabs?  You can report it to the city of Austin 974-1554.  And let us know too –David is collecting this information.

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