ADAPT of Texas joins Protest of Senators Cornyn and Cruz on Health Care Zombie bill

Protesters stand in line along fence outside Hogg Auditorium calling for Cruz and Cornyn to oppose health care bill.

Outside Hogg Auditorium at UT and Trbfest

Group of people stands along sidewalk with posters. In the foreground someone with a bull horn is talking.

  Group rallied outside UT entrance calling for an end to Senate health care bill 


Sunday Morning, Austin TX — ADAPT joined with Indivisible Austin, Left Up to Us, Our Revolution, Children’s Defense Fund, CTD and numerous other groups to protest the Graham Cassidy Health Care bill in the Senate, the newest reincarnation of Trumpcare.  The protest was held at UT at the corner of 24th and Guadalupe outside the Tribfest (Texas Tribune Festival) where Senators Cruz and Cornyn were speaking this morning.  Both of Texas’ Senators have avoided town hall meetings and meetings with constituents over this issue of slashing healthcare by destroying the Affordable Health Care Act/Obamacare, and have consistently voted to ruin Obamacare and slash Medicaid funding.  This latest version of the bill would block grant health care to the states, and would cut deep into the base Medicaid program (not just the expansion).  It takes away protections for people with preexisting conditions and for people who need mental health services by making these optional to the states and allowing insurers to charge whatever they want to these individuals and families.  Neither Cornyn nor Cruz has shown any support for people with disabilities whose preexisting conditions are covered by Obamacare or Medicaid.  Cuts to Medicaid will also mean cuts to community attendant services which already have waiting lists in the hundreds of thousands.  Senate Majority Leader McConnell has said the Senate will vote on the bill on Wednesday, so let your Senators Cornyn and Cruz know ASAP how you feel about this legislation.

Flanked by two women, Stephanie Thomas in her wheelchair, holds a large sign that reads Denying Disabled People Health Care is Genocide.

Protest of Cornyn and Cruz at Tribfest

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