ADAPT/PACT Wring Instructions to improve Community Attendant Services from 85th Texas Legislature

by Cathy Cranston

When The Texas 85th Legislature ended on May 29th, there was a win for ADAPT/PACT from this bruising session, in the form of three budget riders. (Riders are instructions that get attached to the state budget.)

Rider 191 – Increase Consumer Directed Services – Health and Human Services Commission shall direct  the managed care organizations to increase the use of the Consumer Directed Services (CDS) model.

Rider 202 – Community Integration Performance Indicators is on page II-100 . This rider directs HHSC to work with stakeholders to develop and measure goals for integrating people with disabilities in the community.

Rider 204 – Ensure Network Adequacy is on page II-100.  This rider directs the managed care organizations to ensure there is a sufficient Community Attendant Workforce to meet the needs of people with disabilities they serve.

This is a great victory but we must remain watchful to make sure these riders are put into practice.

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