The federal budget put forth by the Trump administration will be terrible for people with disabilities.  The 15% cut in HUD funding might not sound that bad but here’s how it shakes out for low income folks with disabilities as well as other low income families. (And this is just some of the damage they hope to inflict):

  • Trump’s budget will increase average rent for HUD assisted disabled households by $72/month, 26%.
  • It cuts housing vouchers (of all kinds) so that over 250,000 nationally will lose their housing and obviously waiting lists for new vouchers will only get longer.
  • It cuts 811 program (housing for people with disabilities) by 16% ($25 million).
  • It cuts project based rental assistance (subsidized apartments) by $465 million so there won’t be enough just to continue what is being done now.  More folks lose housing.
  • Housing for people with AIDS is cut $26 million.
  • Public housing will be cut 68% in its capital funding, operating funds would be cut by half a billion dollars (almost 25%).
  • Homeless assistance is cut by over $1 billion.
  • The National Housing Trust Fund (set up to target funding to the lowest income households)
  • HOME funds – one of the biggest funders of accessible, affordable, integrated housing.
  • CDBG funds – locally designed programs for things like targeted vouchers, sidewalks,  architectural barrier removal and so much more.



HUD Secretary would be given the power to waive or change requirements for PHAs (public housing) and gets rid of cap on number of public housing units that can be converted to vouchers or rent assistance.

  • Tenant’s rent would go up from today’s 30% of adjust income to 35% of gross (total) income, and increases minimum rent to $50.
  • It PROHIBITS tenants from getting utility reimbursements
  • And freezes rent adjustments.

(want more details?  The National Low Income Housing Coalition has lots of good info http://nlihc.org/, as does Center on Budget and Policy Priorities   https://www.cbpp.org/topics/housing)


Even if Congress does better, the Trump budget sets the bar so low really bad cuts can be called improvements even though they hurt thousands of people.  It’s an old Texas Legislature trick: threaten to cut off both arms and both legs, so when they cut off one arm you are supposed to say thank you for not cutting off my other 3 limbs.

Don’t stay quiet.  Next week is a national week of action to support affordable housing.  Check out:  www.ourhomes-ourvoices.org


Austin’s efforts start on Saturday 10:00 am to 10:30 am with a press conference and rally at Austin City Hall (301 W 2nd St) On the plaza on the Cesar Chavez side between Guadalupe and Lavaca.  Click here for more details.

There will be additional events, including workshops (ADAPT is doing one on Fighting for Accessible, Affordable Integrated Housing  on ADA DAY July 26 from 1:00 to 2:30 at our office 1640 East 2nd ST – ASL interpreters provided) throughout the week.

Coverage of the event included:

)http://kut.org/post/advocates-austin-rally-against-proposed-cuts-federal-housing-funds http://www.kvue.com/news/local/affordable-housing-advocates-proposed-hud-cuts-would-have-devastating-effect-on-austin-community/458815403 http://www.mystatesman.com/news/local/federal-cuts-could-worsen-austin-affordability-crisis-groups-say/od1u6eJ3UhKtWUKub4XsEK/

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