by Heiwa Salovitz

On Thursday June 22nd, 2017, over a dozen ADAPT Of Texas members did a die-in, at both Senator Ted Cruz, and Senator John Cornyn’s Austin offices, to demonstrate the need for Medicaid, and other vital Health Insurance. To also tell them to vote NO, on the American Health Care Act. Cutting and capping Medicaid is dangerous for people. Medicaid helps people with disabilities live productive lives in the community, just like everyone else. Less dollars equals less service. Also, housing someone with a disability in a nursing home is more expensive than paying for that person’s community and long term services. Slashing funds to state medicaid programs puts tax cuts for the wealthy ahead of the future of children, people with disabilities and seniors.

Fox 7 covered the protest

CBS story on the protest

The group marched from Senator Cruz’s office to Senator Cornyn’s office, chanting “Save Our Medicaid”, and “No Cuts To Medicaid”. A small group ADAPTers managed to speak with Senator Cornyn’s Staff who stated that they would tell Senators DC Office how critical Medicaid is for Texans! Our action was part of a larger simultaneous National ADAPT Action, where roughly one-hundred ADAPTers from all over the country protested at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Capitol Office, in Washington DC.

Rachel Maddow tells some of the history of ADAPT and the story of the protest.

Please get involved and evolved! Your voice makes a difference

Editor’s Note:  Since then Austin ADAPT has participated in a half dozen protests against the various variations of this bill.  Die In protest was just one. 

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