ADAPT headed to DC soon, you can help!

August, 2017

Dear Friends of ADAPT of Texas and Independence for All:

ADAPT of Texas members along with disability rights activists throughout the country will be traveling to Washington DC September 23rd – September 28th to advocate for the right of people to live in the most integrated setting as stated in the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act.

We are now confronting attacks on our health care and our home and community service and support system funded by Medicaid.

ADAPT says this is unacceptable!  Protests around the country erupted after 43 ADAPTers were arrested on June 22nd saying HEALTH CARE and MEDICAID ARE RIGHTS NOT PRIVILEGES!

Though it was only a part of what we were protesting,  the passion of ADAPT activists can be understood by asking yourself the following question:

                       WOULD YOU WANT TO BE PLACED IN


The Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision ruled that people with disabilities and older Americans should have the right to choose to receive support services in their own homes and communities.  This means the ability to “age in place” and be as independent as possible, rather than being forced into a nursing home or other institution.

These are choices thousands of Americans have to make everyday as our population ages and medical advances save the lives of people with disabilities of all ages.

Though Texas has made great advances in the last few years in providing community services, there are still thousands of people with disabilities, old and young waiting for needed services to remain in their own homes.  


This is not just a Texas problem but a problem confronting all Americans who need these critical health care and community services to live with dignity and independence. 

ADAPT of Texas members are working on this problem.

ADAPT of Texas is part of a national movement to reform, not only the institutionally biased Medicaid/Medicare funded long term care system, but the entire long term services and supports system.

ADAPTers are supporting the Disability Integration Act now introduced in the Senate and the House that will bring freedom and liberty to people with disabilities of all ages and all incomes.

People with disabilities and older Americans overwhelmingly want to receive person centered in-home services rather than face the prospect of having to go into a nursing home or other state institution.

The “institutional bias” continues — even though the general public overwhelmingly wants services and supports delivered in their own homes and communities.  ADAPT of Texas will continue our advocacy until no person in Texas or any other state is forced into a nursing home or other institution,  denied health care because of a pre existing condition or not get health insurance because it is too expensive.

ADAPT of Texas activists will be joining with hundreds other advocates for our next national gathering in Washington DC.   Our goal is to send a message all over America,  “HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!”  “OUR HOMES NOT NURSING HOMES OR OTHER STATE INSTITUTIONS”.

ADAPT of Texas needs your support to allow Texans with disabilities to be part of these efforts.

Enclosed you will find a budget for supporting one activist to ADAPT’s gathering Washington DC.

Your financial support assisting an activist to thisevent will be greatly appreciated. 

All donations will go directly to support our advocates’ efforts to reform our health care and long term services and supports system.

Working together we can reform this system and allow every child, young adult and older person to have the dignity, respect and independence that all people with disabilities expect.

Together we can and will succeed! 

If you have any questions please contact us at (512) 442-0252.

For an Institution Free Texas and America,


I SUPPORT HEALTH CARE AND HOME and COMMUNITY LIVING           ##########################################

  •  $1000     Support for one activist
  • $ 750 Support for Travel, Hotel
  • $ 500 Support for Hotel,
  • $ 250 Support for Travel
  • $ 150 Support for Attendant Services
  • $ 100 Support for Wheelchair maintenance/equipment
  • $ 50          General Support

Send your tax-deductible contribution to:

ADAPT of Texas

1640A East 2nd St

Austin, Texas 78702

         or           Credit Card/paypal     see DONATE BUTTON

Thank you for your support for disability and human rights.         

All Night Vigil for the Death of Disability Rights

we are here at 11th and Congress in downtown Austin for an all night vigil. The state budget bills have ignored the call to raise attendant wages from $8 an hour to $13. Despite the fact fast food workers grocery baggers and gas station workers make more Texas thinks it’s unnecessary to raise the wages of these critical workers.  To see a video on this issue click here

The state is completely defunding the relocation services that help people in nursing homes move back into their own homes.

The state is also completely defunding In-Home and Family Support program, on of the most cost effective ones we have.  People on that program will just be out of luck.

The state is doing nothing about the over 100,000 people on waiting lists for community services.  Some of these folks have been waiting over a decade and now can just wait 2 more years.

We have folks here from El Paso, Austin, Kileen, Conroe, Corpus Christi and the Valley.  IMG_2579

Earlier we held a funeral in the Rotunda of the Capitol and a funeral march through the first floor.


ADAPT Participates in Local Marches

Last weekend ADAPT was busy on the streets of Austin.  We were one of the hosts at the One Resistance March on Friday night for which a large group of local organizations got together to march and share information and concerns about the radical turns being taken by the federal government.  In addition to the march through downtown, in which about 7,000 people participated, representatives of many at risk groups spoke about their specific concerns, and a wall of barriers was torn down.  Danny Saenz spoke for ADAPT and Heiwa Salovitz participated in the wall tear down; both represented us proudly highlighting many disability issues!  Cathy Cranston and Robin Hoffpauir carried a PACT/ADAPT banner in the march.  It was all about supporting one another, resisting efforts to harm our people and mobilizing for action.  Lots of other ADAPTers turned out as well!

Saturday, among the 50,000 people at the Women’s March in Austin there were many ADAPT folks sprinkled in the crowd.  Being short in a massive crowd of primarily standing people, we operated on trust and the knowledge that there were others out there cause it was a trifle difficult to see each other.  But we met many supporters of disability rights.  Bob Kafka was especially pleased to see Katie (who used to be a VISTA at UCP TX) carrying a huge My Medicaid Matters sign.  There were lots of other people with disabilities and non-disabled supporters in the crowd.  The energy and intensity were terrific and we encourage one and all to go to the Women’s March on Washington website and sign up for follow up actions.  If you are interested in following up on disability issues locally contact ADAPT or call 512-442-0252.  We are meeting at the Capitol Cafeteria (inside the Capitol on the E-1 level) every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10 am and you can just come and join us; but don’t be late — we move out for action pretty darn quick!