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We’re a grassroots group.  We can use your help. 

Order your posters today

How to order posters:

1. Fill Out Order form.

2. Write a check/money order for the total amount — payable to ADAPT.

3.  Send form and check to :

ADAPT Posters

1640A E. 2nd St #100

Austin, TX 78702

Rights worth fighting for poster  How Many?  ______

Power Concedes nothing with a demand poster  How Many? _____

Total number of posters  _____

X $10 per poster = ___________

subtract 10% for 11 or more posters ______

Total $ enclosed with order ________

Need more information?  Call or send email to Bob Kafka, ADAPT  512-442-0252


There are multiple other ways that you can support us:

  • The 2012 Austin Fun*Run will be held SATURDAY April 21st here in Austin from 11 am to 1:00 at the Yellow Jacket Stadium 1156 Hargrave ST  Music, refreshments, and a great way to support your favorite group!  You can run for any group and help them raise funds — just contact Bobfor details — it’s not too late, and you will be supporting ADAPT too!  Then on Sunday April 22nd the folks who go to Washington DC will be running in National Fun*Run in the shadow of the Nation’s Capitol, in Upper Senate Park; a great way to kick off a week of activism for disability rights and defending our freedom.
  • VOLUNTEER:  Get in touch if you want to volunteer and get involved in the fight for disability rights. We have several projects we can use your help with!
  • DONATION:  We also can always use financial support too.  Donations are tax deductible and help keep our doors open. Please click on the DONATE button above.
  • SUPERMARKET:  Do you shop at Randalls Supermarkets?  Give them our Good Neighbor number 6012  and Randalls will donate a percent of your purchases  to ADAPT!
  • BINGO:  Do you like to play Bingo?  Big Star Bingo is one of the best games in Austin and it supports ADAPT as well as other local charities.
  • CALENDAR:  Limited numbers of  2012 ADAPT CALENDARS AVAILABLE — A BARGAIN AT $5 EACH (plus shipping and handling)…  sign up for one now and GET ONE WHILE THEY LAST– Contact us today.  12 Months of disability rights B&W photographs and disability history!
  • BUMPER STICKERS: “To boldly go where everyone else has gone before” and “ADA -Rights Worth Fighting For” bumper stickers are just two of the disability rights bumper stickers available for $1 each
  • POSTERS:  “The ADAPT Community Posters” are also available for $5
Picture of ADAPT Community Poster.  Has dozens and dozens of photos from various ADAPT actions including people getting arrested, wheelchair blockades of buildings, marches, faces of individuals, rallies, the ADAPT flag, and more.  On one side in large print it says Our Homes Not Nursing Homes.

THANK YOU to our supporters!